macOS LAPS – GitHub Project

This morning I published my macOS LAPS project. This python script will allow your machine to contact Active Directory and determine if the local administrator password expiration time has passed. If it has passed then the password will be changed to something random and published back to Active Directory.

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Links from the Penn State College of Education Case Study

Here are the links to the Mac management tools used in the College of Education at Penn State shown at the MacAdmins Conference 2016 at Penn State Continue reading

Initial DEP Experience with OS X devices in JAMF’s Casper Suite

Today I experimented with the use of Apple’s Device Enrollment program with JAMF’s Casper Suite.  So far the experience has been mostly positive however there are few miscues that I’m hoping are addressed as the JSS is updated.  Currently, our environment could “almost” hand a Mac to a user and have them go through the setup assistant.  Check below for the specifics.

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TeamViewer 11 (Again) – With Munki

I’m sure many of you read my previous post TeamViewer 11 and Munki where I described what I thought was the best way to deploy TeamViewer 11 on OS X by installing Version 8, then Version 9 and finally Version 11.  Last week I decided that there has to be a better way and began digging through some of the packages.  What I found was an actual method to deploy TeamViewer 11 by using pre and post install scripts.  I no longer have to rely on instilling previous versions of the software.  Check below for the process.

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MunkiWebAdmin2 – Setting up Active Directory

Greg Neagle has released early builds of MunkiWebAdmin2 which you can check out here.  MWA2 forgoes reporting and sticks strictly to managing your Munki repository by providing the ability to edit Manifests and pkginfo files through the web.  For reporting, it is highly recommended that you either use Sal or MunkiReport-PHP (both of which are excellent).  In this post however I’m going to highlight setting up Active Directory authentication in MunkiWebAdmin2.  Check below for the process.

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TeamViewer 11 and Munki

So here we go again.  Unfortunately my TeamViewer 10 post was incorrect and I did not test the deployment enough.  Using those instructions you will have trouble putting the password on another system as well as issues with the helper.  TeamViewer 11 is of course no exception.  It seems TeamViewer doesn’t seem to understand how deployable software should work and there continues to be no improvement to the software.  After a lot of testing, I have been able to make it somewhat deployable.  Check below the jump on how to perform this process. Continue reading